2019 Dance Party Poster Contest

Unlike the Statewide Dance Video competition where we ask communities to work together to choreograph and dance to a song they love, we’re asking communities to plan their own dance party and create a poster board showcasing all the creativity that went into the event.


We encourage communities to select a theme for their dance party. Great Gatsby? Sock Hop? Roaring 20s? Disco?

Whatever you choose, you’ll then be in charge of decorations, music to play, food to serve, clothes to wear and more! Take pictures of the planning and the actual dance, and then compile it all on a fun, colorful poster board display! Write up a brief overview of what the theme was and highlight all the different things your residents did to make it unique and fun and include that on your display.

The submitted pieces will displayed at the State Championship Finals in Springfield for everyone to see!

Submission Rules: 

Please affix the entry to a foam core/poster board.

  1. Include on an 8.5 x 11 overview of what went into the planning of your party
  2. Include name of community, dance theme, songs played, description of décor, food served, and more!
  3. Take photos of the planning and the dance. Include pieces of décor if you want to get really creative!

Mail displays to AALC 

  1. Mount submission on foam core or thick cardboard
  2. Include 8.5 x 11 overview of Dance Party

Mail Entry To:

601 W. Monroe
Springfield, IL 62704


Email staff@aalcoffice.com


All Never Stop Dancing Dance Party Poster Boards will be displayed at the State Championship Wii and Trivia finals in Springfield.  

Mail your board to the AALC office by May 1st, 2019.

Affordable Assisted Living Coalition
601 W. Monroe St.
Springfield, IL  62704

Phone:  217-525-0700, ext. 124

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