Effective immediately, AALC has made the decision to suspend SL week activities until further notice, including the Wii Bowling Tournament and Spelling Bee Competition, because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Your scores to date will be saved until we resume competition. AALC will continue to monitor the situation and alert teams of the new timeline for the Wii Tournament and BEE Competition

Statewide Map Project—Community

Overview: The map project is a great opportunity for your residents to dig into their memory banks and recall all the different locations they’ve lived or visited throughout the years. This project is sure to spark great conversations and happy memories!

There are lots of ways you can choose to mark the locations, everything from stars and dots to headshots on a map. You may want to add the person’s name and their age at the time they lived in a location. Or note what they were doing at the time. Be creative with this project!

There are NO RULES! This is an opportunity for your community to showcase the diverse lives and histories of all your residents while spurring new conversations and discovering where their paths may have crossed.

See our Toolkit for helpful suggestions! 

Submission Rules: 

Write up a summary of the activity and how your residents participated. 

  • Use a 32 x 22 foam core board to display your map on.
  • Attach summary document to the foam core board.
  • Send completed display to AALC by April 15, 2020.

Overview: Similar to the Community Poster Project, this project can be completed by an individual resident who has led such a rich life of travel and adventure that they want to create their own road map!

See our Toolkit for helpful suggestions! 


  • Paste map and photos onto a 12 x 14 or standard size poster board.
  • Include name of resident and community on board.
  • Mail personal road maps to AALC by April 15, 2020.

Mail Entries To:

601 W. Monroe
Springfield, IL 62704


Email staff@aalcoffice.com


All Poster Boards will be displayed at the State Championship Wii and Spelling Bee in Springfield.  

Mail your board to the AALC office by April 15th, 2020

Affordable Assisted Living Coalition
601 W. Monroe St.
Springfield, IL  62704

Phone:  217-525-0700, ext. 124

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