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Each year, AALC hosts activities to celebrate the accomplishments of our seniors and individuals with disabilities within our Supportive Living communities.  

We have a variety of fun activities planned from early February through June to help us celebrate our seniors and individuals with disabilities living within our Supportive Living communities.

Our 2018 theme, A Colorful Life, highlighted the talent of our residents through a giant poster coloring competition. It helped us demonstrate that although everyone comes to Supportive Living with different backgrounds and life experiences, Supportive Living is instrumental in pulling us together to live a life filled with beauty, fun, happiness and friendships.

For 2019, we are focused on the theme of "Never Stop Dancing".  

Dancing and music go hand in hand. Music is a universal language and it plays a huge part in key moments throughout our lives. In fact, just the sound of a familiar tune can help uncover lost memories from days gone by. Together, music and dancing combine to keep people moving and happy, and our hope is that throughout the year, our residents and communities will find reasons and ways to Never Stop Dancing!

Our 2019 Statewide Activity will be a dance video!  Communities can select a song they want to dance to, create moves and choreography, and then capture it all on video! Videos will then be submitted to AALC and we will showcase them on our website and at the State Championships. We’ll also ask our communities to organize a dance party in their communities. After the party is over, residents can create a display with photos and an overview of the party, including music played, food served, costumes worn and room d├ęcor! 

We want to know what your theme was and how you all worked together to pull off the perfect event! Finished posters will then be displayed at the State Championships in Springfield to create a colorful, eye-catching backdrop to the competition. Both Never Stop Dancing projects will provide communities an opportunity to work together to create something fun, lively and unique - just like each Supportive Living community.

We hope you’ll take part in our activities as we celebrate SL 2019! 

Throughout the months leading up to Supportive Living Week we’ll have teams competing in Wii Bowling and Music through the Decades Trivia. However you decide to participate, know that you’re helping us show the general public and elected officials how Supportive Living plays an important role in the lives of our residents. 

Together we can demonstrate to everyone that it’s important, no matter your age, to Never Stop Dancing!

I encourage every community to take part in the activities we have outlined throughout this Toolkit. If you have questions, let us know. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing your moves in the dance videos!

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