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Our 13th Annual Supportive Living Week will be held on April 20-24, 2020. Although we celebrate it in April, we have a variety of fun activities planned from early February through June to help us celebrate our seniors and individuals with disabilities living within our Supportive Living communities.

Last year’s Supportive Living theme, Never Stop Dancing, highlighted how music and dancing combined keep people moving and happy. We demonstrated through our dance video and dance party activities how music is universal and plays a huge part in key moments throughout our lives. In fact, just the sound of a familiar tune can help uncover lost memories from days gone by.

This year’s theme is The Time of Your Life. Everyone in our communities has a different story to tell, and a lifetime of accomplishments and happy memories to look back on. Our goal is to get our residents to remember some of the best times of their lives and share them with family and friends.

Our activities in 2020 will focus on memories and giving individuals an opportunity to toot their own horns. We want our communities to video tape residents talking about a favorite time of their life. Whether it’s an award they earned, a wonderful vacation, how they met and married the love of their life or witnessed a historic event. Whatever they want to talk about when recalling the Time of Your Life, we want to hear it!

Videos of residents will be submitted to AALC and we will showcase them on our website and at the State Championships. For those individuals who aren’t comfortable in front of the camera, they can write about their favorite memories by creating a story board showcasing the time of their lives. Our hope is that families can get involved by helping create the poster with their loved one by pulling together photos and capturing stories on paper. Both projects will provide communities an opportunity to work together to create something fun, memorable and unique - just like each individual living in a Supportive Living community.

We hope you’ll take part in our activities as we celebrate SL 2020! Throughout the months leading up to Supportive Living Week we will have teams competing in Wii Bowling and Spelling Bee competitions. No matter how you decide to participate, know that you’re helping us show the general public and elected officials how Supportive Living plays an important role in the lives of our residents. Our residents have all played a big part in the past and their wonderful memories will help individuals outside of the Supportive Living program see how important this program is.

I encourage every community to take part in the activities we have outlined throughout this Toolkit. If you have questions, let us know. In the meantime, we look forward to learning more about “The Time of Your Lives.”

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