Photo & Testimonial Contest

2019 Supportive Living Photo & Testimonial Contest

Each year, we hold our annual Photo & Testimonial Contest. We receive hundreds of photos capturing the true essence of what Supportive Living is all about. We hear stories of what Supportive Living means to residents and family members. We see the success of Supportive Living in the photos of friends laughing, sharing special moments, playing games and living a healthy, active life. Each entry we receive should demonstrate the important role Supportive Living plays in the lives of Illinois' seniors and individuals with disabilities, and reinforce what we've always known: Supportive Living = Healthy & Happy Living.

Here are the winners from our 2019 Competitions!

2019 Photo Contest Winners

1st Place: “Beach Party at SLF”
Quincy Supportive Living

2nd Place: “The Joy of Reading Together”
Heritage Woods of Batavia

3rd Place: “Saddle Up”
Springfield Supportive Living

2019 Testimonial Contest Winners

1st Place:  Karen Schmidt
Deer Path of Huntley

"When I moved here I was a young 57 year old. My children were afraid my brain would turn to mush. So I decided I better get involved in something. The first thing I found was the spelling competition and we got second place in state! After that a friend of mine and I started bingo. I am the caller every Tuesday night. Then I moved on to the trivia competition, did it for two years and got 5th and 2nd in State. I’m looking forward to Geography. So now I'm involved in the Resident Council as president! I've been president for two years here at Deer Path. My brain is not mush I am involved in a lot of activities and I thank you for keeping my brain active."

2nd Place:  Ellen Cirino
Victory Centre of Vernon Hills

"I have fished all my life, and thought I would never fish again after moving into a SLF. I was wrong, because at my SLF community they gave me the opportunity to do what I love. I am able to continue to live the way I did before, with some extra support from those around me."

3rd Place:  Frank Gulotta
Heritage Woods of Rockford

When Frank was young he was in a car accident, he was never able to walk again. He tried living independently in group homes that specialized in care for the handicapped, but he could not find happiness in those places, many of the others could not even speak and he was sad and lonely. His brother arranged for him to have an apartment at Heritage Woods, Frank worried he would still be lonely, but that wasn’t the case at all. Frank was HAPPY! He felt part of a big family and was able to join in on all the activities offered! He said, “Before I would get lonely, but not anymore”. Here he found purpose in life, he found companionship and a true home.

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