Centenarians Contest

AALC’s Supportive Living (SL) communities have many amazing residents who are living well past 100 years of age. We believe their lives should be recognized and celebrated. That’s why we’re awarding a special prize to SL’s OLDEST resident!

We called on our communities to let us know who their oldest resident is and provide us with brief overview of their life/hobbies. We awarded a special prize to the oldest SL resident that can be enjoyed by the entire community!  The winning community was awarded a Pizza Party and an Ice Cream Social from our wonderful sponsor


Eleanor Dumentat, 104 years young
Victory Centre of Bartlett 

Eleanor Dumentat is 104 years old, She says, “I can’t believe it. I don’t feel old yet.”

She moved to Victory Centre of Bartlett on December 16, 2011.

Eleanor Dumentat was born on September 29, 1915in Chicago Illinois on the South Side to Raymond and Bertha. Raymond was a carpenter and use to build houses. Bertha worked at a restaurant in Cicero next to Western Electric. Eleanor had 4 brothers; Bob, Babe, Leroy and William. Her brother Bob is still living. He lives in Piqua, Ohio.

While growing up Eleanor loved to roller skate, ride her bike, jump rope and go for long walks. She grew up on the south side of Chicago then moved to the north side of Chicago. She went to Harrison High School and went to Grammar school way on the south side of Chicago. Eleanor quit high school after her second year to help mother in the restaurant by serving tables. Her father died when he was 39 years old from pneumonia. Her mother died when she was 60. Eleanor would take her mother for long drives along Lake Shore Drive on Sundays while she was still alive and “she loved it”.

Eleanor was married to Hanz Dumentat for 50 years. Hanz was born in Germany. Hanz and Eleanor have 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy, Nancy, Marilyn and Ray. She has 9 grandchildren and 22 great-grandchildren and 1 great- great - granddaughter. Eleanor met her husband when he came for lunch at her mother’s restaurant and she was serving them.

After her husband had died, she dad a boyfriend for 9 years before he died. “His daughter and my daughter have been the best of friends since 1st grade.”

Eleanor worked for Grant Hospital for 20 years in the business office. “I had a big job and I loved it.” She also had worked for Maytag for 9 years in Lake Geneva before transferring to Newton, Iowa.

Eleanor likes to do crossword puzzles during the day and likes to watch TV at night. She enjoys watching baseball and can’t wait for the new baseball season to start. Her favorite team is the Chicago Cubs. Eleanor use to love to cook and bake. She use to make all sorts of desserts and remembers how the kids would come inside, cut off a piece of cake, then go right back outside. She loved that.

Eleanor stated, “ I love it here, I love my apartment, it has a long living room and it’s nice.” Although she is 104 years old, Eleanor says that she has had a great life. One thing she always wanted to do was take piano lessons when she was younger but her mother couldn’t afford it. Eleanor made sure she gave her daughter piano lessons and now her daughter is a professional piano player. But other than that, she has no regrets and hopes that everyone can say they’ve had a wonderful life like she has.

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