Celebrate the Spirit of Supportive Living!

    Supportive Living Week is here – let’s celebrate it virtually!

    We’ve all had to adjust our lives due to the coronavirus and we’ve been SO INSPIRED by the work you’re doing in your communities to ensure your residents don’t feel isolated and alone.  You’ve shown us what the TRUE SPIRIT of Supportive Living is, and because of that, we want to celebrate the Spirit of Supportive Living!

    In normal times, your residents would be enjoying fun-filled days of Wii Bowling games, competing in Spelling Bee’s and getting ready to celebrate Supportive Living Week with your annual Open Houses. Instead, staff is working tirelessly to make sure residents have the support, companionship, and activities they need to keep them happy and entertained while self-isolating. Our theme for this year’s Supportive Living is “THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE,” and I think we can all agree, this is a both a memorable (and trying) time in all our lives, and the way you are approaching it is inspiring!

    So instead of thinking about all the things we can’t do, let’s spend Supportive Living Week celebrating all the things we CAN do by holding a “Spirit of Supportive Living Week!”

    Each day, we have selected a theme for your community.  You can participate in all the themes each day of the week, or just a few; it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we all come together at some point during the week to celebrate the spirit of residents, staff members, and loved ones.

    There are really no rules on how to participate.  Our goal is to make this a fun week that doesn’t place an additional burden on overworked staff.  We hope that these ideas will help bring some energy into your communities, provide ideas on new activities, and showcase the smiling faces and SPIRIT of your staff and residents so we can share those photos with family and friends unable to visit loved ones at this time.

    Spirit of Supportive Living Week Overview

    1.       Each day, ask your staff and residents to participate in the “Theme of the Day.”

    • a.       You can participate in all the days or choose to participate in only the ones you want.
    • b.       If we all do the same activity on the same day, we can celebrate together “Virtually!”
    • c.       Select fun & free downloadable activities from our list to correspond with the day.
    • d.       Get your kitchen staff involved in the fun by finding ways to incorporate food into the day’s theme.
    2.       Ask staff to take photos of residents throughout the day. Whether they are dressed up or participating in a craft. (Be sure that all photos reflect recommended social distancing!)

    3.       Send the photo with the name or your community, resident’s name, and brief description to: staff@aalcoffice.com

    Sample: Community Name, John Smith wears his goofy hat for Crazy Hat Day (remember to attach photo to email)

    4.      Limit 2 photos and description per email to avoid undeliverable errors due to size.

    5.   AALC will post the photos on the AALC Facebook page and tag your community.

    6.       Feel free to post photos to your own Facebook page, please tag @AALConline and add the hashtag: #SpiritOfSupportiveLiving

    7. HAVE FUN! Be safe! And remember to adhere to federal and state guidelines and your community’s policies regarding COVID-19!  



    Spirit of Supportive Living Theme Day Calendar 

     Download this calendar, then print it out and hand it out to staff so they can participate by taking photos, etc.

    Click Here

    Spirit of Supportive Living Activity &  Resources  

    Download this overview of activities you can have your residents participate in.

    Click Here


    Tell us about you!

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    Spirit of Supportive Living Word Scramble

    Click Here

    Supportive Living Word Search

    Click Here


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    Famous people games

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    Mail a Hug - Ribbon

    Mail a Hug – Paper  (have resident stand against wall to get traced!)

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