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Find out what people are saying about Supportive Living!  Check out our featured testimonials below.

Mary Lampman, Eastgate Manor of Algonquin

“Coming to my Supportive Living community has truly helped me regain my strength, not only in body, but mind. The staff is terrific and they keep us busy. Of all the places I've lived, this really is the place I call home.”

Don Soderberg - Victory Centre of Bartlett

"I am guaranteed good meals every day. I keep active by going on outings and doing activities. The staff is very good to me and makes me happy. The best decision I ever made was of moving in to supportive living."

Bernadine Doetch – Prairie Living of Chautauqua

“I enjoy living here at Prairie Living in Carbondale. I choose to be independent and Prairie Living allows me to do so. However the help with my cleaning and laundry is a godsend. We have an excellent nursing staff, which makes me feel safe and well taken care of. I can come and go as I please, and transportation is not a problem, as it is available upon request. Our building is well kept and maintained and having a beauty shop here is a plus. Prairie Living is my home and I'm proud to live here.”

Betty Amidon - Victory Centre of Bartlett

“Supportive Living has been a great benefit for me with all the additional therapy available to maintain my physical balance. My mental state has improved by the activities and socializing in the dining room and meeting people.”

Martha Miller - Eastgate Manor of Algonquin

“Shopping for necessities is no longer a worrisome experience. Help is always pleasantly available. This makes an elderly person happy.”

Suzanne “Sue” Shoemaker- Victory Centre of Bartlett

“The numerous variety and levels of activities have enabled me to become involved physically and mentally since moving to a Supportive Living community. I have lost weight and feel more vibrant and younger. I look forward to tomorrow and what life had to offer while staying active through activities.”

Marjorie “Button” Garner- Victory Centre of Bartlett

"Any season, I walk on a clear, shaded path.
Flower gardens or snow prints delight me.
Indoor halls are heated or cooled and ventilated for my well being.
Fresh food and hot coffee are offered to me.
The staff serves me, comforts me.
I am home."

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